Why Cetuem Wax?

Why Cetuem Wax?

Why choose Cetuem wax?

Quite simply - Value, Quality, Service

Well don’t you want to impress your clients?

Cetuem provides you with the goods, the training and the support.
And it’s not just us who think so…
'Excellent high quality wax'
Professional Beauty Magazine

‘We have been working with Cetuem for over 15 years, we always receive great service and support for the salon.
Nita Thani - Salon Owner of Heaven Sent Beauty

Cetuem provides you with the best in Aromatherapy and Brazilian Waxing

Since being developed in 1972, Cetuem Aromatherapy and Brazilian Wax has done its time and earned the reputation it holds today.

Cetuem’s professional waxing system will deliver long lasting, and virtually pain-free waxing, removing even the most stubborn of hairs.
Using only the highest quality Aromatherapy and Brazilian wax, Cetuem is able to deliver results a cut above the competition. Our products have years of research behind them and our clients would swear by them. Many of our customers have been with us for over 30 years!
Cetuem wax is made from the finest natural resins, beeswax and aromatherapy oils. We use high quality ingredients to give you high quality products.

Waxing isn’t just about the wax
At Cetuem, we have formulated products for both pre and post waxing so that you can trust every step of the waxing process.
The whole system will look to treat and condition the skin throughout so that your client’s are left with smooth, silky skin.
Training, support and being professional

At Cetuem, we guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

We have experienced trainers behind us and the product knowledge to follow suit. Our trainers will help you perform to perfection, whether you are waxing your arms, your legs or your more intimate areas.

Our courses are set up to prepare you for the real world, performing efficiently and effectively.

Our courses are split into the following modules:

  • Aromatherapy Waxing
  • Advanced Intimate Waxing
  • Product Knowledge & Business Development

Your business, your profit

Expert training - On and off the field

On the field

Cetuem have excellent training courses that prepare you for your new career path. The Cetuem training programmes are an intense learning experience providing you with theory and practical training. We also run seminars throughout the year so you can refresh your product knowledge and waxing technique.

Off the field

You’ve got the training and now it’s time for the next step.

With Cetuem, your training isn’t limited to the course. We welcome your queries and work closely with our clients so that you can get the most from Cetuem and your business. We are there to provide assistance on the suitability of waxing machines, point of sale displays as well as recommend pricing structures and provide product advice.

Money talks - Waxing is lucrative but why?

No. 1 There’s hair everywhere

Everybody has unwanted hair and hair grows back. The industry of waxing allows you to treat your clients on an ongoing basis and develop strong relationships with them. Impress and they will be back before you know it.

No. 2 Cetuem

Cetuem provides you with products that make your life easier. Cetuem’s advanced Aromatherapy and Brazilian Waxing systems are in a league of their own. Your clients will be over the moon with the results and happy customers spread the work fast!

  • Cetuem wax is effective and can be applied thinly.
  • Precision is key and Cetuem is easy to work with.
  • Wax isn’t painless, but it certainly hurts less with Cetuem.
  • Cetuem provides you with the ideal pre and post care products.
  • Cetuem is a product, a system, a philosophy.