Fighthing Fifty - The Therapist's Choice

Fighthing Fifty - The Therapist's Choice

As a Beauty Therapist, every so often one discovers an amazing product that really blows you away. For me that discovery has been the Cetuem CR Gold skincare range.

These are products that really do deliver visible results. The SCR Gold products are enriched with a high percentage of pure active plant and marine extracts, pure gold, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and essential oils.

The good news for our skin is that these products effectively help to combat the ageing process and normalise problematic skin types including acne, pigmented and uneven skin tones.

Working from my home based salon in South Woodford, London,, I have found that one of the popular facial treatments with my clients is the SCR Gold Collagen Rejuvenescence Facial.

This is a non-invasive treatment that starts with a lovely deep cleanse, exfoliation and purifying treatment to prepare the skin for the pièce de résistance which is the Collagen mask.

The Collagen mask has a deeply hydrating effect on the skin and works at plumping out fine lines and helps to lessen deeper ones which is music to the ears of those of us that have concerns about the ageing process on our skin.

A treatment within a treatment

I always refer to this facial as a treatment within a treatment as while my clients enjoy the benefits of the Collagen mask, I carry out a lovely relaxing leg and arm massage. It really is 90 minutes of pure indulgence and with visible results to boot.

The facial never fails to deliver the WOW factor. For long term results a course of treatments are recommended and maintenance treatment must be continued at home.

Another great thing about theCetuem SCR Gold skincare range is that all of the products are suited to all skin types and all of the facials can be customised to meet the individual needs of each client.

Based in London, Cetuem are committed to fair trade and have invested over 30 years of research and development into developing this professional range of natural skincare products.


Author: Nicky Kentisbeer