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Small Facial Wooden Spatulas (100)

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Excellent quality, the Cetuem disposable Facial Wooden Spatulas are both smooth and operator friendly for precise wax application.

The waxing spatulas are suitable for face and smaller areas to be waxed.

These spatulas are suitable for both the Strip Wax or Brazilian Hotwax practice.


A new Waxing spatula is recommended for each client in order to keep a high standard of hygiene. (Always check the temperature of the wax prior to applying to your client).

Dip the spatula into the wax pot and firmly wipe the underside, apply the wax sparingly holding the spatula at a right angle and allow the wax to flow using the spatula simply to guide the wax to the area to be treated and remove the wax accordingly.

Repeat until the treatment is completed.

    Small Facial Wooden Spatulas (100) - Cetuem