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Roller Head Cleaner

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The Cetuem Roller Head Cleaner is an antiseptic, anti bacterial cleaning lotion to be used over the roller waxing cartridge head to remove any sticky residue.


Holding the Wax Cartidge upright, sparingly apply the Cetuem Roller Head Cleaner onto a clean waxing strip or soft cloth and rub onto the used roller head.

Once each section of the roller head is free of wax, roll onto the next part and repeat.

Keep repeating this process until the roller head rotates freely and the wax has been removed completly from the roller head.

N.B. If the roller head comes into contact with any bodily fluids, the wax cartridge must either be disposed in the correct manner or only to to be used for that particular client.

    Roller Head Cleaner - Cetuem