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Double Wax Cartridge Heater with Base

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A Quick and Easy to use powerful Double Cartridge Wax System that gives you the option to turn the system into two portable single units. This can easily be done, by separating and purchasing additional leads.

An operator friendly design that can be adapted either for the mobile freelance therapist or as an invaluable addition for use along side the Cetuem conventional spatula system.

Within the salon environment it has been especially designed to treat larger areas such as the legs.

The Cartridge System delivers the liquid wax very thinly from Cetuem Leak - Resistant Cartridges with a superior glide action, the wax goes even further making it more economical.


This product is for professional use only

Always carry out an allergy test on new clients 24 hours prior to application.
Carefully and closely check for any contra indications.
Insert the Cetuem Liquid Hair Remover Wax Cartridge into the Cartridge Heater and heat for approximately 20 to 30 mins. (Heating time will vary depending on the quantity).
Always take care to assure roller head is inserted in correct position. Curved roller head should be facing downwards.
Always check the wax temperature on your own wrist prior to applying the wax onto the client.
Clean the areas to be waxed with Cetuem Pre Wax Cleanser using a cotton wool pad.
For each new application hold roller sleeve with the wax cartridge facing downwards to allow the wax to run into roller head. Run roller head a few times on the waxing strip.

This will avoid dragging the skin if the roller head becomes dry.

Test and apply Cetuem Roller Wax in the direction of the hair growth,
Position the waxing strip over the wax application, first rubbing against the hair growth, then with the hair growth.
Holding the skin taut, pull the strip off quickly against the hair growth.

Repeat this method until all the unwanted hair has been removed.

Complete the treatment by smoothing over an application of one of the various Cetuem After Wax Products.

Taking Care of your Roller Wax Cartridge Unit

After each application always wipe clean the Cetuem wax cartridge roller head with Cetuem Roller Wax Cleanser.
For perfect results always use Cetuem Liquid Hair Remover Cartridges.

For hygiene and pure simplicity, the Cetuem Cartridge complete with roller head is disposable.
Keep cartridges upright at all times. Do not use harsh solvents.

Never submerge the appliance in water or any other liquid to clean.

Make sure the heater has been switched off and on a dry cloth, use Cetuem Equipment Cleaner to wipe the unit clean.

Always allow the Cartridge Heater to cool before storing.

Heating Tips

Remember, the heating requirement will depend on whether you are heating a full cartridge or less.

Hints and Tips

Once the wax has melted the temperature remains constant and can be left on all day with out over heating. Cartridges are fully disposable and a new cartridge would be used every time.

Please note that we do NOT deliver this product outside of the UK.