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Aromatherapy Wax - Plastic Clear Bottle

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The all British Cetuem Original Natural Aromatherapy Wax formulated in 1989 is unique in its manufacturing process and is free from synthetic resins, petrochemicals, perfumes, flavourings, artificial colouring and preservatives.

Used by some of the most prestigious salons worldwide, it has the grip of a hot wax with the simplicity of warm wax.

It's unique blend of the finest natural resins together with specially selected essential oils chosen for their antiseptic, soothing and healing properties. gives it a quality and performance second to none effectively removing hairs as short as 1mm.

The result is a treatment which has a dual action of comfortably removing hair whilst leaving the skin feeling moisturised. Cetuem wax is suitable for all skin types and can even remove the most stubborn of hairs.

Cetuem treatment has taken more than just the sting out of waxing and has become so popular that both men and women are happily having themselves waxed all year around.


This product is for professional use only
Always carry out an allergy test on new clients 24 hours prior to application.
Carefully and closely check for any contra indications.

Make sure the wax is at the correct working temperature.
Always check the wax temperature on your own wrist prior to applying the wax onto the client.
Clean the areas to be waxed with Cetuem Pre Wax Cleanser using a cotton wool pad.
With a clean waxing spatula apply a very thin layer of wax following the direction of hair growth.
Position the waxing strip over the wax application, first rubbing against the hair growth, then with the hair growth.
Holding the skin taut, pull the strip off quickly against the hair growth.
Repeat this method until all the unwanted hair has been removed.
Complete the treatment by smoothing over an application of one of the various Cetuem After Wax Products.

Heating Tips

Remember, the heating requirement will depend on whether you are heating a full container or less.
These plastic clear bottles can be heated in a microwave for a few seconds / minutes and can also be used to refill a number of refillable cartidges.

Waxing Tips
Before waxing

Always check for contra indications.

Advice client to have an exfoliating treatment a few days prior to waxing or to try and exfoliate the areas at home, even if its just using a loofah mitt to remove any dry skin.
Tell your client not to apply any moisturiser or deodorant sprays to the areas to be waxed on the day of the appointment.
Do not wax if the skin has had a lot of sun exposure and is looking and feeling sensitive.
Always prepare the areas to be waxed with the Cetuem Pre Wax Cleanser.

During waxing

Always apply wax in the same direction as the hair growth, press the strip firmly and pull off the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
Always pull the strip off in one quick motion, backwards and parallel to the skin.
Ensure when applying the wax and pulling off the waxing strip, the skin is kept taut.
You can re-use the waxing strip until it has become fully loaded with wax, at which point it should be folded inwards and discarded.
The skin should be smooth but if you experience any sticky residue, place a clean waxing strip over the areas and flick off quickly.

After waxing

Use a Cetuem After Wax Care Product.
Advice client to moisturise daily with the correct after care product and exfoliate weekly.
Recommend regular Cetuem Wax treatments to your clients.
Advice to client after waxing

Do Not:

For a period of at least 24 hours following waxing:

Use perfumed body lotions, deodorants or antiperspirants.

Sunbathe or use a sunbed or sauna.

Take a very hot bath or shower, cool to lukewarm water only.

Exercise or engage in any friction or vigorous activity.

Wear tight fitting clothing.


Moisturise daily or apply the Cetuem Stop to slow down the hair re-growth period

Exfoliate weekly to minimise dry flaky skin and ingrown hairs.

Apply the Cetuem Ingrown Cream to help eliminate ingrown hair.

Have regular waxing treatments.

If you have used this product to refill your existing empty cartridges ( Cetuem Cartridges are not refillable as they are fully disposable including the roller head).

Always take care to ensure the roller head is inserted in the correct position.
When first using a heated wax cartridge, roll the roller head over a waxing strip to get the flow of wax started before applying to your chosen treatment area.
After each application, always clean the roller head with the Cetuem Roller Wax Cleaner.

    Aromatherapy Wax - Plastic Clear Bottle - Cetuem