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Single Wax Heater Kit



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Single Wax Heater Kit


This all British made Single Waxing Kit comes with a selection of must have products to get started.

1 Cetuem Single Wax Heater
2 Cetuem Aromatherapy Wax Tins
1 Cetuem Pre Wax Cleanser 250ml
1 Cetuem After Wax Oil 250ml
1 Cetuem Equipment Cleaner 250ml
1 Spatulas (100)
1 Paper waxing Strips (100)

Always stand the Cetuem Wax Heater on a Sturdy Flat Surface with the cable safely out of the way.
Plug the Cetuem wax heater into an electrical 3 pin socket. 
Remove the lid from the Cetuem Wax Tin and place the container direct into the Cetuem Wax Heater.
If you are using one of our interchangeable waxing buckets, pour the product inside the bucket and  place into the wax container.
Leave the wax in the heater between 30 - 45 minutes or until the wax turns into a thin viscosity

Do not forget to always carry out an allergy test on new clients 24 hours prior to application.
Carefully and closley check for any contra indications.
Make sure the wax is at the correct working temperature.
Always check the wax temperature on your own wrist prior to applying the wax onto the client.
Clean the areas to be waxed with Cetuem Pre Wax Cleanser using a cotton wool pad.
With a clean waxing spatula apply a very thin layer of wax following the direction of hair growth.
Position the waxing strip over the wax application, first rubbing against the hair growth, then with the hair growth.
Holding the skin taut, pull the strip off quickly against the hair growth.
Repeat this method until all the unwanted hair has been removed.
Complete the treatment by smoothing over Cetuem After Wax Oil.

Heating Tips:
Remember, the heating requirement will depend on whether you are heating a full container or less.

Cleaning and maintaining your Cetuem Wax Heater:
Turn the Cetuem Wax Heater off and unplug from the mains.
Wipe any wax residue off the unit using the Cetuem Equipment Cleaner. 
Maintain regular yearly pat tests. 

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