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Brazilian Hot Wax Chunks - Kilo Size

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Simply 100% Natural Resin with Pure Beeswax - Peel Off Formulation
In production for over 50 years the original authentic brazilian hot wax.


Cetuem Brazilian Hot Wax is formulated with 100% pure natural high quality beeswax and natural resin
Wonderfully effective, ideal for harder-to-wax areas such as the bikini line and underarms as well as those that are more sensitive giving excellent results.
Superb for techniques such as the Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing.
Its distinctive consistency makes it unusual for a hot wax since it works at a much thinner texture.
The wax warms the skin, relaxes the skins pores, and is extremely flexible and less sticky, plus it is excellent for stubborn hair, along with a finer regrowth and less redness, so hair removal is easier and more thorough.
The technique is also much less painful.
And none of these:
No Petrochemicals
No Mineral Oils
No Perfumes
No Artificial Colour's
No Preservatives
No Titanium Dioxide
No Compromise


For professional use only.

This product is for professional use only
Always carry out an allergy test on new clients 24 hours prior to application.
Carefully and closley check for any contra indications.

Make sure the wax is at the correct working temperature.
Always check the wax temperature on your own wrist prior to applying the wax onto the client.
Clean the areas to be waxed with Cetuem Pre Wax Cleanser using a cotton wool pad.
With a clean waxing spatula apply a thin layer of wax against the hair growth pattern initially followed by a repeating figure of eight motion or in areas that are restrictive, the second layer may be applied in the direction of the hair growth.

Make sure that the hairs are entrapped in the wax and that a firm border line is left around the wax application.

Pat the wax to set.

Holding the skin taut, pull the hardened wax strip off quickly against the hair growth.

Repeat this method until all the unwanted hair has been removed.
Complete the treatment by smoothing over an application of one of the various Cetuem After Wax Products.

For intimate and sensitive areas such as eyebrows, upperlip, facial and underarms we recommend Majic Effects as a remedial treatment after wax product.

Heating Tips
Remember, the heating requirement will depend on the quantity of wax
The wax can be regularly topped up by adding more wax chunks.

    Brazilian Hot Wax Chunks - Kilo Size - Cetuem

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    the best

    I have used this amazing wax for over 20 years and although once I tried a different brand I went back to it immediately.It is easy to use and so many of my clients tell me they cant believe how 'less painful' their waxing was. probably why I have so many repeat appointments. even better as it is a natural product

    margarita y.
    best wax ever

    I love this wax, best ive used!

    Jaishree B.

    Very good ! Extremely soft and gentle to use

    Marion A.
    Hot wax

    I have used cetuem hot wax for over 20 years and it is as good now as ever. I have tried other waxes over the years but none can can compare. Great results, customer feedback always positive.
    Highly recommend

    Marion A.

    Excellent been using this wax for years