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A rich therapeutic oil developed to combat dryness and eliminate toxins 

With pure almond oil, vitamin E, clary sage, juniper, rosemary, camphor and black pepper to help eliminate body toxins, excess water retention and achieve total body relaxation.

The SCR Gold Body Detox Oil is Paraben Free.

The SCR Gold Body Detox Oil is both therapeutic as well as aiding in relaxation.

With a special blend of effective purifying and detoxifying actives the SCR Gold Detox Oil will help to:

To soothe, nourish and rehydrate the skin.

Have an uplifting and detoxifying effect on the skin.

Aid in the removal of excess tissue fluid.

Enhances the mind, body and soul.

Improve and eliminate congestion on the skin.

Apply twice a week to all areas of concern and massage well.

Cetuem Tip:

A few drops in the bath daily will help to relax and give harmony to the mind whilst moisturising and soothing the skin all over.

Note: Contains NUTS (avoid if nut allergy)

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