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903 - Ultra Light Gold Blonde

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903 - Ultra Light Gold Blonde is an Ultra Lift Colour, this colour needs to be mixed with the correct developer. The developer needs to be purchased separately.

Cetuem Hair Colour is a professional range and should only be used by qualified professionals.

With over 99% natural pigments and low in PPD (paraphenylenediamine).

Cetuem’s hair colour formulation will cover, colour and lift the hair with extra ordinary gentleness. At Cetuem we ensure brilliant and natural results that cover grey hair 100% and ensure long lasting results on all colours.

All in one Cetuem Vitamin Enriched Permanent and Semi Permanent Colours are available in natural, intensive, ash, opal, golden, autumn, copper, titian, red, mahogany, violet, ultra lift, special toners, colour controllers and intensifiers to give you the flexibility that you demand.

The ammonia content, one of the lowest on the market, respects the fibres while the conditioning qualities of the cream colour and its natural extracts (over 90%) develops a smooth, easy to apply cream when mixed with developer.


The Cetuem Professional Hair Colour Benefits:

2 in 1 Permanent and Semi Permanent Colour

Enhanced depth, shine and protection

Uniform colouring and long lasting

Total covering of grey hair


Low Ammonia

Low fragrance formula

    903 - Ultra Light Gold Blonde - Cetuem