Discover Cetuem Wax

Formulated in 1989 this all British Premium Wax is made from the finest natural organic resins.

Cetuem wax is blended with pure essential oils chosen for their antiseptic, soothing and healing properties.


Cetuem wax is unique in application with superb results guaranteed removing hairs as short as 1mm.

It has the grip of a hot wax with the hygiene and simplicity of a warm wax.

It is soothing and non-tacky, leaving a finer re-growth.


The Cetuem Waxing System combines the benefits of aromatherapy with waxing.

Enabling this system to be less painful and easier to use. 


 No Petrochemicals e.g. No Mineral Oils, No Perfumes, No Artificial Colours, No Preservatives, No Titanium Dioxide. 


All waxing and related products are sold on the understanding that they are used by qualified beauty therapists.