Amanda Holden: As seen in News of the World Magazine 'Fabulous'

The Cetuem SCR Gold Range boosts skin's collagen levels. I'm addicted to the Regenerator Serum.  


Peter Andre: As seen in New Magazine

I recently started using two amazing products by Cetuem. The SCR Gold Regenerator Serum and Creme de Lite. I can not get over how much better my skin looks and feels, they have been a life saver.  


Sophie Anderton

The Gold Serum is a must for me.... It is wonderfully refreshing and revives my skin leaving it plumped and in the first fortnight I noticed those pesky fine lines disappear. I simply love Cetuem's Creme de Lite: this moisturiser has revolutionised my skin. Gone are any sallow and pigmented areas and my skin has started to glow. I apply the SCR Gold Serum first and then follow with the Creme de Lite. I have also started using the Illuminating Mask and cannot believe how amazing this mask is. The active ingredients noticeably feed my skin all day leaving it hydrated and fresh from morning to night. Thank You Cetuem.


Nancy Dell'Olio

I have been using Cetuem's Serum and Creme de Lite twice a day for the past few months. My face is looking more radiant and glowing than ever.


Sally Farmiloe-Nevelle & Jade Familoe

Actress, presenter and author Sally Farmiloe and her daughter profile model Jade, are the faces of Cetuem's Mother & Daughter SCR Gold Skincare range. At last Jade and I have found a brilliant skincare range which suits both our skins perfectly. 'So much more convenient and economical to share' says the mother and daughter duo. Cetuem SCR Gold is 'The Secret to Youthful, Healthy Radiant Skin'.


Chelsey Baker

The Cetuem SCR Gold range is the best skincare range I've found. With it's pure gold natural ingredients the regenerator serum is a miracle in a bottle. Their exfoliating and purifying masks make an immediate difference to my skin leaving it flawless and glowing. No other skincare range I've used has come close to the results I get with Cetuem. The more I use Cetuem the better it works, unlike most other products that stop working the more you use them. I would recommend Cetuem to anyone who demands the best and wants results. Thank you Cetuem, your 30 years of research has paid off. 


Dr Angelica Kavouni, MD FRCS EBOPRAS

I have tried Cetuem's SCR Gold Serum and Creme de Lite and I was so impressed with the results that I'm now offering the products and treatments to my patients in my Harlet Street Clinic.


Dr Anish Berry, Aesthetique Skin Clinics

I have seen and experienced first hand the healing properties of Cetuem's SCR Gold Serum and the incredible brightening effect of their Creme de Lite. I am proud to recommend and incorporate both products in many of my facial aesthetics clinic treatments.


Dr Anna Brocklebank, Doctor at St George's Hospital London

I was first introduced to the wonderful Cetuem Skin Care Products about 3 years ago. At the time I was quite ill and my skin was mottled with melanin spots. After four months of using the SCR Gold and Creme de Lite, to my astonishment, all the pigmented areas disappeared and for the first time in seven years I developed a smooth skin tone. I am now hooked and will continue to use these magical products.


Douglas Seymour-Chalk, Ministry of Defence

Shaving is a lot easier when I apply the SCR Gold Serum. It moisturises my skin so the razor glides easily. My skin also looks smoother and less tired. 


Cllr Frances Stainton, Mayor of Hammersmith & Fulham

Cetuem is remarkable. The research over 20 years has borne fruit. I first tried their SCR Gold Serum followed by the SCR Gold Creme de Lite. I have great praise for the Cetuem brand. The company is a family business, ethically run, with not only 20 years of research behind it but also their products are made in Britain, so suporting the British economy, which is just what is needed.


Lana Holloway, Model

Knowledge is power! I trusted and tried Cetuem SCR Gold Serum and Creme de Lite! All you see is glowing, even toned and moisturised skin. Prepare and repair. It works!


Dr Nick Shekkeris

I have been using the Cetuem SCR Gold Serum for a few years now and I can't begin to describe the wonderful effects of this amazing product. It really rejuvenates the skin and makes the skin bright and radiant.


Princess Olga Romanoff

I have very sensitive skin, so I'm always very cautious with face creams. So when I was given a bottle of the Cetuem SCR Gold Serum I was first reluctant to try. But golly gosh am I please I did! I think the serum is wonderful! As I spend alot of times outdoors my skin was rather dehydrated, but within a couple of days of using the serum, it regained most of it's lost freshness and glow. 


Katie Price: As seen in OK Magazine

I've just started to use a facial product called Cetuem. It's organic, full of minerals and really lovely on my skin.


Miriam Siracusa (Celebrity Hair Colour Specialist)

Excellent high quality results. Cetuem is the best colour I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many brands over the years.


At Home Magazine with Lorraine Kelly 

You've probably tried and failed to find a product that will retrieve your youthful glow, your search is now over. SCR Gold Skin Care.


Dr Bhasha Mukherjee, NHS Doctor and Miss England Beauty Queen

The thing about Cetuem gold that unlike a lot of other "gold infused" products out there in the market place, this is science packed, and this gold is colloidal gold which means this is the most scientifically proven version of gold in skincare, the most easily absorbed into your skin and actually works in a really effective way.