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A natural pH Step 2 Lotion that works hand in hand with the pH  Step 1 Rinse Off Cleanser to help balance problematic skin types.

The SCR Gold pH Lotion Step 2 is an effective antibacterial lotion made with honey pollen. allantoin thyme and camphor.

The pH Step 2 Lotion is Paraben Free.

Together with the pH Step 1 Rinse Off Cleanser the pH Step 2 Lotion;

Helps to balance the pH of the skin.Helps to calm acne, blemishes, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Helps to unblock cogestion in the pores.

Helps to close open pores.Ideal for both men and women.

Use morning & night. (Shake bottle well)

Apply the pH Step 2 Lotion onto cotton pad and gently pat directly to the entire face and neck area after rinsing off the pH  Step 1 Cleanser.

If any blemishes are present always apply and massage in well the SCR Gold Anti Blemish to the affected areas. 

Cetuem Tip:For Intensive Cleansing, Calming and Hydrating Results:

For Sensitve, Rosacea, Acne prone skin follow with the SCR Gold Avocado Skin Cleaser and Sensitve Skin Toner.

For Dry and Combination Skin types follow with the SCR Gold Original Skin Cleanser and the correct Skin Toner.

For Sallow and Uneven Skin types follow with the SCR Gold Illuminating Skin Cleanser and Illuminating Skin Toner.SCR Gold Serum is always recommended followed by the appropriate moisturise.

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