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A lip balm that helps to nourish the lips and diminish vertical lines.

The SCR Gold Lip Allure helps to protect and prevent chapped skin.

An all year round lip balm that will moisturize and protect the lips from ageing and environmental damaging conditions.

Enriched with a special blend of hyaluronic acid and enriched with vitamin E, cocoa butter and pomegranate.

Paraben Free.

A daily must have treat for the lips and surrounding perioral skin. 

Helps to prevent and diminish vertical lines.

Protects and nourishes.

Helps to heal dry chapped lips.

Anti-ageing for lips.

Helps to give the appearance of fuller lips.

A natural base for lipstick.

Apply and massage onto the lips.   Can be used throughout the day especially when in extreme environments.  

Cetuem Tip:

Mix with lip pigment to achieve a translucent sheer tint.

As an Intensive Rescue Lip Treatment:

Blend the Lip Allure with a drop of SCR Gold Cane Gommage and SCR Gold Serum and massage well to the lips. 

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