Illuminating Skin Toner



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An effective skin brightening toner rich in vitamin C and pseudo collagen.

A cooling, refreshing and active skin toner that leaves the skin brighter and feeling energized and refreshed.

Alcohol Free. Made with pure spring water, allantoin, salix nigra and powerful antioxidants.

Helps to Refresh and brighten sallow and uneven skin.

Helps to hydrate and stabilize fragile skins.

Helps close open pores.

Leaves skin radiant and fresh.Alcohol free.

Paraben free. 

Use morning & night

Apply after SCR Illuminaing Skin Cleanser.

Spritz either directly on to the skin (making sure eyes are appropriately closed)

Alternatively, apply to cotton pad and then pat directly on to the entire face, neck and décolleté area.

Leave on to refresh tired eyes (apply to a damp cotton wool and place over the eye for 10 min).

Follow by using SCR Gold Serum and either Creme De Lite, Illuminating Skin Emulsion or Complex.

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