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Creme De Lite

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An incredible rich silky emulsion that will help to brighten as well as help eliminate pigmentation, uneven skin tones caused by sun damage, hormonal, ageing or genetic influences.

The Creme de Lite contains a high percentage of SCR skin brightening complex, natural actives, ceramide oil and enriched with vitamins C ester and E.

Suitable for Sallow, Uneven, Pigmented, Age Spots and Sun Damaged Skin as well as helping to diminish fine lines and improve the skins elasticity and texture.

NO Parabens
NO Petrochemicals
NO Detrimental bleaching or lightening ingredients


Natural organic brightening complex
Helps to regulate uneven skin tones
Helps and encourages skin brightness
Helps to give clarity to sallow skin
Helps to eliminate freckles and pigmentation problems
Helps to treat, improve and eliminate sun damaged skin
Helps to diminsh fine lines
Improves skins elasticity and texture

Skin Concerns

Anti Ageing


Application morning and night

Apply and massage a light film of SCR Gold Creme de Lite to the entire face, neck and décolleté area.

For Best Results, follow a home care daily regime to help brighten and eliminate pigmentation and uneven skin tones
- SCR Botanical Wash (Rinse Off Cleanser): application morning and night.
- SCR Gold Illuminating Skin Cleanser: (Leave on) application morning and night.=
- SCR Gold Illuminating Skin Toner: application morning and night.
- SCR Gold Illuminating Mask: application one to three times a week.
- SCR Gold Regenerator Serum and SCR Gold Crème de Lite: Application morning and night. These two products can be blended together and applied or apply the serum first followed by the Creme de Lite.

SCR Gold Illuminating Mask
- A rich and powerful clay and botanical mask especially formulated to help effectively exfoliate, brighten and eliminate uneven skin tones and to encourage a brighter, firmer and more radiant youthful complexion. Contains SCR natural organic skin brightening complex, ceramide oil, vitamin C ester and alpha hydroxy acids.

SCR Gold Regenerator Serum & Creme de Lite
- SCR Gold Skin Cell Regenerator Serum with a natural sunscreen, Purifies, Renews and Protects. Its featherweight fluid texture is absorbed rapidly into the skin leaving an invisible protective film, which protects it from the damaging effects of free radicals associated with the ageing process.
- Day after day the results with Cetuem SCR Gold Serum and SCR Gold Crème de Lite can be seen for themselves. The complexion becomes brighter, skin tone more even, fresher, firmer and more radiant, the skin is smoother, fine lines diminish and the facial contours are better defined.
- SCR Gold Skin Cell Regenerator with its highly effective active ingredients; high in salicins and tannins, enriched in a special blend of hyaluronic acid, pure gold and vitamins A, C ester and E, helps combat the ageing process.
- Cetuem SCR GOLD Serum is made from safe natural sources of botanical extracts and remarkable natural hydrating ingredients, which draw and bind moisture to the skin. Cetuem SCR Gold Serum helps increase cell turnover with an overall improvement in the appearance of the skin due to the keratolytic activity of the salicins.
- It not only helps to increase the maintaining of collagen in the skin but also collagen formation. The tannins* have powerful antioxidant abilities which enable them to capture highly destructive environmentally generated free radicals before they can harm the skins appearance.



Ingredient list may change slightly every so often. Please check the ingredient list on the product packaging before use.

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    Creme De Lite FAQ

    What is pigmentation?

    Uneven skin tone affects people regardless of skin type, gender, skin colour or ethnic background. The tone of the skin may appear darker than normal or may have uneven areas of patches, varying shades of brown or grey discolouration or freckling may start to appear.

    Pigmentation can be caused by various factors, from hormonal changes, which usually may result from pregnancy (but not always), birth control, replacement therapy treatment, or even UV damage, caused by unprotected sun exposure.

    Damage to the skin can also be due to invasive treatments, the remnants of blemishes or scarring particularly in those with darker skin.

    At Cetuem we have seen positive and progressive improvements in achieving a brighter, radiant, and a more even skin tone, irrelevant of skin colour.

    For a more advanced regime, try our customised Cetuem SCR Gold Illuminating Facial. This is a bespoke skin brightening and anti ageing facial treatment helping to give radiance and clarity to sallow skin and help to eliminate uneven pigmentation tones.

    How effective is the Creme de Lite in dealing with Pigmentation?

    This product has proven results across many skin types. We have seen a countless number of individuals showing positive improvements, including where other products have failed to work. We pride ourselves in being a results-driven firm and we are confident that you will only see benefits from using this product.

    What skin types can I use this on?

    The Creme de Lite is suitable for all skin regardless of skin type, gender, skin colour or ethnic background.

    Is the Creme de Lite suitable for sensitive skin?

    Yes. Creme de Lite is suitable for sensitive skin.

    Can I use the Cetuem Crème de Lite and the Serum together?

    The SCR Gold Serum can be applied first and then followed by the Creme de Lite, or you can apply the 2 together to the palm of your hand and apply directly to the skin with your fingertips. Always massage in well. The SCR Gold Serum can be applied first and then followed by the Creme de Lite, or you can apply the 2 together to the palm of your hand and apply directly to the skin with your fingertips. Always massage in well.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Beautiful and light

    Beautiful light cream that sinks in to the skin beautifully.

    Fantastic product

    Fantastic product. My skin has never been better using this product

    Gabriele Kaskeviciute
    Absolutely best

    Before I've started using this moisturiser my skin was dull and dry and I've had multiple breakouts. Once I've started using Creme De Lite, the effect was immediate. My skin was glowing and most importantly felt comfortable and nourished. Shortly after I saw difference in blemishes and overall look. It's amazing! My mum (55yo) also absolutely loves it.

    Dr Nick Shekkeris
    An amazing product

    I use the creme de lite together with the SCR gold serum. They are amazing products. I had discolouration of my skin around the eye area from wearing reading glasses and being exposed to Cyprus' hot sun. I would apply the creme de lite to reduce this discolouration. Not only was the discolouration reduced but it also went away! I can't stress how happy I was with the results! I will continue to use the creme de lite to enrich my skin and make it look youthful!

    Michelle S.
    Crème De lite

    Fantastic would recommend it 100%