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Cetuem La Vida Loca Crazy Colours -  a range of professional only temporary conditioning vibrant colours that can be applied direct to clean dry hair without the need to mix with a developer. 

The Cetuem La Vida Loca Colours can be applied directly to either pre lightened hair for a single dynamic colour or as a multicoloured kaleidoscope effect. They can also be applied on to natural hair colour to intensify the hair tone. The lighter the base colour the brighter and more vibrant the results.

The Cetuem La Vida Loca  range was developed during the punk rock era of the 1970's and is still as crazy today and even more popular now.

For professional use.

Always do a patch and strand test first, and always wear plastic gloves to apply.

1. Wash and dry the hair well, do not use conditioner at this stage

2. Apply La Vida Loca Colour with a tint brush direct to the entire hair strands or to your chosen sections. Make sure that the colour has been applied evenly.

3. Leave on between 15 and 30 minutes and rinse off thoroughly.  The colour shade will vary depending on the thickness of the hair, condition and porosity. If more then one colour is applied, take great care to wash the hair strands separately so that the colours do not run into each other to distort the shades.

4. Condition and dry as normal.

5. Repeat as and when necessary.

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