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Hydration Pack



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Hydration Pack


The SCR Gold Hydration Skincare Pack has been put together to help improve the texture of dry and dehydrated skin types.

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SCR Gold Original Skin Cleanser

An excellent rich yet light texured hydrating skin cleansing milk.

Enriched with plant marine extracts, Vitamins C ester and E is rich with powerful antioxidant properties. 

SCR Gold Sensitive Skin Toner

A refreshing, soothing and hydrating skin toner to help refresh and hydrate the skin.

The SCR Gold Sensitive Skin Toner will effectively help to sooth fragile and irritated skins.

Alcohol free with pure spring water, botanical collagen, willow bark, 
vitamin C ester and pure rose otto.

SCR Gold Serum

The Cetuem SCR Gold Anti Ageing, Anti Oxidant Serum is the must have product for both men and women of all ages and colour. It is your very own one bottle solution to beautiful skin. 

This natural cosmeceutical Antioxidant Serum with its highly effective clinically proven active ingredients, pure plant marine extracts high in salicins and tannins, enriched in a special blend of willow bark, hyaluronic acid, colloidal gold, pelvetia canaliculata, commiphora mukul, vitamins A, C (ester) and E, humectants and a natural UV protecter to help combat the ageing process and normalise the skins balance.

Check out our News and Media Page to find out just some of the medical professionals, royals and celebrities that love this product.

This is our signature product and should be your 'must have' product in your daily skin care routine.

The SCR Gold Serum is the ultimate antioxidant in reversing and delaying the ageing process whilst protecting the skin from further damage.

25 years of excellence in anti ageing technology, giving you youthful skin elasticity. 

Now in its 3rd generation, no parabens, no petrochemicals, just powerpacked with clinically proven actives.
Without the need for chemical peels, surgery and invasive treatments, Cetuem Gold provides beautiful skin. 

SCR Gold Rejuviante Complex

An intensive rich hydrating moisturising cream for dry, dehydrated  or mature skin with pure jasmine essential oil.

This powerful SCR Gold Rejuvinate Complex Creme is enriched with plant marine extracts, natural seaweed, vitamin C ester, vitamins A and E and blended with pure absolute jasmin oil giving it a hydrating performance second to none.

SCR Gold Mask Aperetif

A highly effective therapeutic clay mask that is calming and hydrating and can be applied to all skin types.

The Mask Aperetif helps to soothe, heal, nourish & rehydrate the skin.
Ideal for dry and sensitive skin types. 

The Mask Aperetif is enriched with minerals, aloe vera, vitamin E and essential oils.


SCR Gold Original Cleanser, Apply morning and night

For best results apply to the entire face, neck and decollete area and massage in well, you may rinse off the cleanser or wipe off with a cotton wool pad.

Apply a second layer and massage in well until fully absorbed.

Step 2:

SCR Gold Sensitve Toner, Apply morning & night:

Spritz either directly on to the face (making sure the eyes are appropriately closed)

Alternatively, apply to cotton wool pad and then pat directly on to the entire face, neck and décolleté area.

To refresh tired eyes (apply to a damp cotton wool pad and place over the eyes for 10 min).

Step 3:

SCR Gold Serum :Apply morning and night:

Apply a few drops of SCR Gold Serum and massage well to the entire face, neck and decolette area.

Step 4: 

SCR Gold Rejuvinate Complex, Apply morning and night:

In the morning blend a very small amount of Rejuvinate Complex with the SCR Gold Serum and massage well to the entire face, neck and dcolette area.
At night apply and massage well over the SCR Gold Serum.
Step 5: 
SCR Gold Mask Aperetif

May be applied upto three times a week. Apply mask all over the face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye and lip area, leave for 10-20mins, remove using damp sponges or cotton pads, follow with Senstive Skin Toner, Serum and Rejuvinate Complex.

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