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Why Cetuem SCR



The Essence of Nature Combined with Technology of Science 

Cetuem we are a British brand ethically committed to both fair trade and research of the finest natural and most effective actives.

A Cruelty Free company that has been on a green journey for over 30 years we  take great  pride in being totally paraben free and do not work with any detrimental ingredients.

As Good as Gold:

'You've probably tried and failed to find a product that will retrieve your youthful glow, your search is now over'  At Home Magazine

What does SCR stand for?
Skin Cell Renewal - Intelligent Skin Management. This British SCR Gold Care range is about purifying, renewing and protecting the skin. The Cetuem SCR Gold Skin Cell Renewal system is enriched with a high percentage of pure active and plant marine  extracts, pure gold, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and essential oils, which effectively help combat the ageing process and normalise problamatic skin types including acne, pigmented and uneven skin tones.

Who can use it?
Our skin care range is suitable for all ages irrelevant of skin colour, skin type, skin concerns and gender. Celebrity testimonials include Amanda Holden, Peter Andre, Nancy Dell'Olio, Sally Farmiloe, Carol Harrison and Sophie Anderton. Acclaimed testimonials include Dr Angelica Kavouni, Dr Anna Lady Brocklebank, MP Mark Field, New Magazine Chief Editor Lebby Eyres, Model Lana Holloway, Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia, Philanthropist Chrisanthy Lemos and Royal Biographer and Correspondent Ingrid Seward. From the world of TV presenters Ingrid Tarrant,  Chelsey Baker,  Liz Fuller and Marcella Rodriguez to name a few. Editorials include Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Hello, Ok, New, At Home, Grazia and Prima Magazine.

But will I get results?

Results is what we endeavour to deliver.
We promise that you won’t be disappointed. Here at Cetuem, we use natural ingredients with a high concentration of effective actives. We pride ourselves on results and delivering long term customer satisfaction. Our growth has been through referrals and recommendations, not marketing.

What makes Cetuem different?
We specialise in dealing with problematic skin and highly recommend our award winning treatments.

It is a range that protects the skin long term with clients using the same product since being developed.
The products are very effective because our key ingredients are blended to their highest percentage and concentrations to deliver maximum results rather than being economy driven. This effective Skin Care Range ensures that beautiful, radiant skin can be achieved at any age.

What is your signature product?
The SCR Gold Anti Ageing Serum. The Cetuem SCR Gold Anti Ageing Anti Oxidant Serum is the must have product
for both men and women of all ages. This natural cosmeceutical Antioxidant Serum with its highly effective active ingredients; high in salicins and tannins, enriched in a special blend of willow bark, hyaluronic acid, pure gold,Pelvetia Canaliculata, commiphora mukul, vitamins A, C and E that help combat the ageing process and normalise the skins balance.

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