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Mens Shaving and Rejuvinating Skin Care Grooming Pack

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The Mens Shaving and Rejuvinating Skin Care Grooming Pack has been put together to aid in a soothing shave without the razor bumps and treat the skin daily with antioxidants and anti ageing properties delaying the ageing process.


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SCR Gold Botanical Wash

The SCR Botanical Daily Wash is an ultra mild facial wash developed for daily use on all skin types to gently cleanse the skin without irritation.

The wash is enriched with honey, wheat proteins, allantoin, alpha hydroxy acids all blended in a natural coconut base.

SCR Gold Alpha Oil

The SCR Gold Alpha Oil is made with pure sweet almond oil enriched with vitamin E, lavender, camomile and sandalwood essential oils and we recommend you

blend it with the Botanical Wash and  apply to the beard area as a shaving medium to help de-sensitise, eliminate razor bumps and promote relaxation whilst shaving. 

SCR Gold Serum

This is our signature product and should be your 'must have' product in your daily skin care routine.

The SCR Gold Serum is the ultimate antioxidant in reversing and delaying the ageing process whilst protecting the skin from further damage.

25 years of excellence in anti ageing technology, giving you youthful skin elasticity. 

Now in its 3rd generation, no parabens, no petrochemicals, just powerpacked with clinically proven actives of pure plant marine extracts, hyaluonic acid, colloidal gold, vitamin C ester, vitamins A and E, humectants and natural UV protection. 

With its high proportion of willow bark; rich in salicins and tannins and peptides, helps improve texture and smoothness. 
Check out our News and Media Page to find out which celebrities love this product. Without the need for chemical peels, surgery and invasive treatments, Cetuem Gold provides great skin. 

Cetuem Skin is for life.

Step 1:

SCR Gold Botanical Wash

Use morning & night

Moisten the skin with luke warm water and add a few drops of the Botanical Daily Wash directly to the skin and gently circulate, avoiding the eye area.

Rinse off and pat dry. 

Step 2: 

SCR Alpha Oil

As a shaving medium mix a small amount of Alpha Oil with the Botanical Wash and massage to the beard area and shave as normal.

Note: Contains NUTS, Do Not Use if you have a Nut Allergy.

Step 3:

SCR Gold Serum

Apply morning and night:

After thorough cleansing apply a few drops of SCR Gold Serum and massage well to the entire face and neck.

This is our signature product and should be your 'must have' product in your daily skin care routine.

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