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Complete Cellulite Body Pack



Product Details

Complete Cellulite Body Pack


SCR Gold Body Scrub

SCR Gold Detox Oil

SCR Gold Cellulite Body Serum

SCR Gold  Gold Firming Lotion

Cetuem Exfoliating Glove / Mitt

Cetuem Wrap

This award winning treatment pack won the Harper's Bazaar Award for 'Best Body Shaping Treatment'.

The products have been formulated with clinically proven actives to help breakdown the fatty deposits, reinforce and stregthen the cellular stucture of the skin whilst encouraging a smoother and firmer appearance promoting inch reduction with regular applications.

The Cetuem Cellulite Body Pack has been put together to give you maximum results.

Newby Hands, Health & Beauty director of Harper's Bazaar had this to say 'This A-list favourite gets famous bodies into their bikinis'

SophieAnderton says 'Every woman's best friend, my body has never looked so smooth and firm while also feeling soft, hydrated and cellulite free'

Body Scrub

A gentle body exfoliator made with pure actives of seaweed extract, sea kelp, essential oils and natural pure polished olive stone granules to prepare the skin and help break down cellulite deposits.

Detox Oil

A rich therapeutic oil developed to combat dryness and eliminate toxins, excess water retention and achieve total body relaxation.

Body Serum

A highly concentrated firming seaweed plant contouring body gel made from intensive clinically proven actives with lipolytic properties to help firm and improve skin elasticity whilst assisting in eliminating the orange peel effect, made with pure spring water, seaweed extract, sea kelp, caffeine, gelidium cartilagineum extract, commiphora mukul resin extract, coleus forskohlii root extract, the essential oils of grapefruit, juniper and rosemary is your all in one body serum to help target cellulite concerns.

Firming Body Lotion

The SCR Gold Firming Body Lotion is a rich powerful plant marine body and upper arm fiming treatment containing caffeine, juniper, rosemary and grapefruit essential oils enriched with vitamin C ester and vitamin E with seaweed, sea kelp, coleus forskohlii root and commophora mukul resin. The ingredients in the SCR Gold Firming Body Lotion are well documented to help nourish, firm and improve the skin texture.

Exfoliating Glove / Mitt

A granulous texture glove / mitt to be used with the body scrub to effectively exfoliate the skin.

Cetuem Wrap

A wrap film to be used in conjuction with the Body Serum for upto one hour.

Body Scrub

The SCR Gold BodyScrub will gently and effectively exfoliate and eliminate blocked pores and dry skin cells on the body.  The Body Scrub will also help to improve the skins capacity to remove toxins more effectively and promote a smoother skin tone. Prepares the skin for better absorption of the actives in either the SCR Gold Cellulite Body Serum and or the SCR Gold Firming Body Lotion. Natural detoxifying properties with a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system that helps to break up and eliminate cellulite deposits.  

Body Detox Oil

The SCR Gold Body Detox Oil is both therapeutic as well as aiding in relaxation. With a special blend of effective purifying and detoxifying actives the SCR Gold Detox Oil will help to: To soothe, nourish and rehydrate the skin. Have an uplifting and detoxifying effect on the skin. Aid in the removal of excess tissue fluid. Enhances the mind, body and soul. Improve and eliminate congestion on the skin.

Cellulite Body Serum

The SCR Gold Cellulite Body Serum has been developed with clinically proven actives rich in antioxidants to help promote a smoother and firmer skin tone to the entire body and upper arms.

The actives within the Body Serum help to encourage and stimulate lipolysis activity, drainage and natural waste elimnation. This results in the reduction of cellulite whilst improving skin tonicity and suppleness. 

The Body Serum is our 'Hero' multifunctional body treatment with a performance second to none. It is a firming and contouring body gel as well as helping to eliminate and improve the appearance of cellulite.

The body serum also helps to improve tissue elasticity. Increases the elimination of toxins therefore helps to reduce the ‘orange peel’ effect. Leaves the skin beautifully conditioned. hydrated and smooth. Inch reduction can also be achieved when the Body Serum is used with the Cetuem Wrap Film on areas where fluid retention is visiable.  

Body Firming lotion

This remarkable BodyFirming Lotion made with the powerful green coffee bean has effective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti ageing properties. Due to its easily absorbing nature it readily penetrates the skin, not only does it help achieve a firmer and more healthy looking skin, but also helps to achieve a substantial reduction on any problem area suffering from a cellulite condition. Enriched with vitamins and essential oils the body lotion helps to stimulate collagen production as well as helping to improve the skins firmness and eliminating fluid retention.

Step 1

Body Scrub

The SCR Gold Body Scrub may be applied upto three times a week depending on your skin type and condition.For Sensitive skin we recommend once or twice a week.Apply to moist skin and gently massage the body scrub to the areas of concern with the exfoliating glove / mitt and rinse granuels off well and gently dry the skin with a soft towel.

Step 2

Body Detox Oil

Apply once or twice a day and massage the oil in well onto the areas of concern. Alternatively two teaspoons of the Detox Oil may be added to warm bath water to help aid in total relaxation and encourage detoxification whilst bathing.  

Step 3

Cellulite Body Serum & Firming Body Lotion

Application once or twice a day.Blend the Cellulite Body Serum and the Firming Lotion together and apply to the entire body or areas of concern and massage in well.

Step 4

Cellulite Body Serum as a contouring gel

Application upto three times a week. Apply and massage well to all areas of concern, wrap the areas with the Cetuem Wrap Film. During this time it is best to lay down and relax between 45minutes and 1 hour. Remove the wrap film and massage any remaining Body Serum onto the skin. Follow with a further application of the Body Serum and blend together with the Firming Lotion.

Massage well.

It is important to allow a day or two inbetween body wraps.

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