Reverse Signs of Ageing Skin Care Pack

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This SCR Gold Intro Pack to Reversing Signs of Ageing for Mature Skin has been put together to effectively help restore the skin texture back to its youthful glow.


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The pack contains 6 essential products

SCR Gold Skin Cleanser 100ml

An excellent rich creamy milk cleanser to refresh & hydrate the skin rich in plant marine extracts, willow bark, seaweed and vitamins C and E.

SCR Gold Skin Toner (Original) 100ml Alcohol free

Made with pure spring water, pure witch hazel, pelvetia canaliculata and willow bark. SCR Original Toner naturally tones and soothes, leaving your skin perfectly balanced, soft and healthy looking. This is our most dynamic skin toner.

SCR Gold Exfoliating Gel Mask 50g

An effective gentle non abrasive exfoliating mask with willow bark, lavender, clary sage & natural olive stone granules in a cool gel base. Removes dead skin cells and aids to unblock pores. Encourages natural cell regeneration. Leaves a smoothing effect on the skin. Has antiseptic, cooling & relaxing properties.

SCR Gold Purifying Mask 50ml

A highly effective and dynamic deep cleansing and refining mask with willow bark, pelvetia canaliculata extract, lavender, camomile & sandalwood in a kaolin base to help brighten and refresh the skin. 

SCR Gold Serum 50ml

This natural cosmeceutical Antioxidant Serum with its highly effective active ingredients; high in salicins and tannins, enriched in a special blend of willow bark, hyaluronic acid, pure gold, Pelvetia Canaliculata, commiphora mukul, vitamins A, C and E that help combat the ageing process and normalise the skins balance.

SCR Gold Rejuvenate Complex 50ml

A rich hydrating moisturising cream for very dry or mature skin with pure jasmine essential oil, willow bark ande vitamins A, C and E.

Step 1

SCR Gold Skin Cleanser 100ml

Apply morning and night. Apply to the entire face, neck and decollete area, massage gently, rinse off or remove with cotton wool pads. Due to the actives in the cleanser we recommend you to apply a second layer of skin cleanser and massage well into the skin without removing.

Step 2

SCR Gold Skin Toner (Original)

Apply morning and night. Spritz either directly on to the skin (making sure eyes are appropriately closed) or apply to cotton wool pad and then directly pat on to the entire face, neck and decollete area. Leave on. To refresh tired eyes. (apply to a damp cotton wool pads and place over the eyes for 10 min)

Step 3

SCR Gold Serum

Apply morning and night. To be used after the Skin Toner, apply and massage SCR Gold Serum thoroughly morning and night to the entire face, eye, neck and decollate area.

Step 4

SCR Gold Rejuvenate Complex

Apply morning and night. To be used day and night after SCR Gold Serum. (The Rejuvinate Complex is very concentrated so we recommend you use it sparingly during the day, it can be applied slightly heavier at night).

Step 5

SCR Gold Exfoliating Gel Mask &  Purifying Mask

Use upto three times a week. Apply a layer of Purifying Mask first followed by applying a layer of Exfoliating Gel Mask over it, massage well using circular motions either with a small cleansing brush or with your fingers.  Leave on between 10 and 20mins. Rinse off or remove by using damp sponges or cotton wool pads.

These masks can also be used on their own on alternate days.

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